Title: Making Choices

Author: Bernice S. Loeb

Publisher: Attainment Company Inc.

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Description: Features three engaging stories about key life decisions faced by main characters Ramón, Li, and Nikki. The stories are easy reading and feature realistic problems faced by young people. Decisions made by the characters can change their lives for the better or for the worse. At a critical point in each story, the reader is asked to take an active role in the plot and help the main character choose what to do. Two different endings are provided for each story based on the decision made. They demonstrate clearly the consequences of a choice. The free Curriculum Resources PDF provides discussion guide questions, important terms and definitions, and activities for practicing how to make good life choices.

The late Bernice S. Loeb worked as a special education teacher and school psychologist, and is co-author of Employability Systems, a step-by-step manual on how to get a job.

This book has free PDF Supplements available.