Title: Writing Measurable IEP Goals and Objectives

Authors: Barbara D. Bateman PhD, JD; Cynthia M. Herr PhD

Publisher: Attainment Company, Inc.

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Description: Many special educators experience IEPs as burdensome, time-consuming legal documents that they quickly file with no intention of ever using. Many parents experience the IEP development process as intimidating, frustrating, and pointless. Too often, hours are spent laboring over IEP goals which are still unsatisfactory. However, measurable goals and objectives can be surprisingly fast, easy to write, and helpful, once the skill has been learned. This IEP best-practices book can teach you how. Authored by special education and IEP law specialists Dr. Barbara Bateman and Cynthia Herr, it has been completely updated for IDEA 2004

Barbara D. Bateman PhD, JD is an internationally recognized expert in special education and special education law. She has taught special education students in public schools and institutions, conducted research in learning disabilities, assessments, visual impairments, mental retardation, attitudes toward people with disabilities, and in effective instruction for children with disabilities.

Cynthia M. Herr PhD is an assistant professor and Research Associate in the Department of Special Education at the University of Oregon and has been in the field of special education for 35 years.