Title: Life Skill Stories, Volume 2

Author: Ellen McPeek Glisan PhD

Publisher: Attainment Company Inc.

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Description: The second of two volumes, Life Skill Stories contains 60 stories that focus on typical teenage experiences and the skills we all need to navigate life. The characters in the stories are teenagers, their friends, and family members. Some stories are humorous, some are mysterious, and others touch on the drama of daily life as a teenager. Each story ties directly to a number of specific life skills, for example, sizing recipes or finding the best price when shopping. Along with specific skills, the stories also support six important general life skill areas. Stories 1-10 focus on using social skills; stories 11-20 focus on knowing yourself; stories 21-30 focus on exploring resources; stories 31-40 focus on getting things done; stories 41-50 focus on sizing up a situation; and stories 51-60 focus on reaching conclusions. A free supplemental PDF provides discussion questions for both volumes

Ellen McPeek Glisan PhD received her PhD in Education from the University of Nebraska. With more than 25 years of experience in the education field, her teaching and life skill training methods have helped thousands of students and teachers. She has developed over 200 educational programs and spoken at many educational conferences.

This book has free PDF Supplements available.