Title: New Kid

Author: Mike Baron

Publisher: Attainment Company Inc.

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Description: Drawing from a wide range of visual cues, a full color palette and a contemporary vocabulary, author Mike Baron delivers a moving story full of true-to-life characters sure to attract struggling readers. Clear, contemporary illustrations help students with limited vocabulary understand these stories about important social issues facing teens. Topics addressed include insecurity, dating, drinking and driving, and bullying. Also available in print as four individual books, the eBook combines all four books into a single digital edition. While students build reading skills, they learn strategies to get them through life. The free Curriculum Resources PDF includes story summaries and discussion questions for addressing the social issues presented in New Kid.

Mike Baron is an internationally known scripter of comic books who has done such celebrated characters as The Punisher (recently made into a major Hollywood movie), Nexus, and The Badger.

This book has free PDF Supplements available.