Title: Picture Directions 2: Arts and Crafts

Author: Pat Crissey

Publisher: Attainment Company Inc.

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Description: and recognize sight words paired with the illustrations. Each lesson features an illustrated "You will need" checklist plus a series of step-by-step instructions. The objective of picture directions is to teach students to follow written directions independently. Performing the task is a secondary and less important objective. With this in mind, students should not be rushed to completion, but encouraged to figure out what to do. The tasks were carefully selected by a veteran teacher to avoid safety issues (no sharp knives, no hot glue guns). These are tasks that most young children can do independently with little instruction. Read Aloud narration with text highlighting is an optional feature for this eBook. The free Curriculum Resources PDF includes an instructor’s guide with teaching tips for all three Picture Directions eBooks.

Pat Crissey is an experienced special education teacher and autism consultant.

This book has free PDF Supplements available.