Title: Practical Strategies for Including High School Students with Behavioral Disabilities

Author: Dr. June Stride

Publisher: Attainment Company Inc.

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Description: It’s hard enough for typical high school students to deal with issues of acceptance and belonging within their peer group. But for those who have emotional and behavioral disabilities, a successful adjustment can make the difference between academic progress and facing an uncertain future as a dropout. This discrepancy has never been more clear than in the present era of inclusion, where even the most challenging students are often placed in the general curriculum and classroom. Author June Stride is a veteran special educator who writes candidly and with insight from her experience as teacher and department head. In this book, she examines the many implications and expressions of an inclusionary system and provides practical strategies, tips and reproducibles to help you make it work in your district for students and staff alike.

Dr. June Stride is an author, parent, teacher, administrator, spokesperson and public speaker. She has worked with students of exceptional abilities and disabilities, including youthful offenders at a maximum-security prison.

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