Title: Stages

A Systematic Framework to Design Learning for Special Needs

Author: Madalaine Pugliese

Publisher: Attainment Company Inc.

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Description: This book details Madalaine Pugliese’s systematic framework and presents seven stages of a learner’s cognitive and language development. Each stage is outlined with learner considerations, relevant issues, communication strategies, tips for evaluating software, and a checklist for moving on to the next stage. Also included are research and other published articles, plus recommendations for software, apps, and manipulative materials. The seven stages are developmental and systematic. They are competency-based, rather than based on age or grade. Stages One through Three are sequential and focus on Language Foundations. Stages Four through Seven, which are not sequential, focus on Academic Discovery to assess competencies within interconnected skills. By combining cognition and language skills, the framework’s strategies provide common ground for IEP teams. Use these strategies to assess and select appropriate learning materials.

Madalaine Pugliese is President of Assistive Learning Technologies, LLC. Ms. Pugliese has 40 years of experience in K-12 education, including 25 years in higher education, and is a nationally acknowledged consultant in assistive technology integration. She is founder of Adaptive Rehabilitation Technology, a nonprofit organization offering information and resources for families with needs for adaptive technologies.

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