Title: Sound Music

Teaching Kids Logic and Reason Through Music

Author: Elizabeth Davis

Publisher: Attainment Company Inc.

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Description: “Sound Music” offers a fundamentally new way of thinking about education, finally breaking free from the old school thinking of Plato’s academy, the Industrial model of the 1900s, and other modern reform movements like Michelle Rhee’s “radical” revolution. Injecting new life into a 2000-year-old system by placing music on a level playing field with reading, writing and arithmetic, this book explains how and why a better method of teaching music can in turn begin the process of teaching children reasoning skills as early as kindergarten. By making the study of popular music an integral part of this process, a significant outcome is that kids will learn how to make informed decisions when looking at the powerful influence of popular culture. Because most of the human brain is used to process music, this book offers a common-sense way to implement an effective, holistic method that teaches analyzing and problem solving skills to students as they are learning how to read, write, and compute numbers.

Elizabeth Davis received a teaching degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. "Sound Music" is a confluence of her interest in philosophy, music, and early education. She lives in Madison, Wisconsin with her husband.