Title: The Tragicomedy of Public Education

Author: James M. Kauffman PhD

Publisher: Attainment Company Inc.

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Description: “The ‘tragedy’ is that our public schools work so poorly. The ‘comedy’ is the off-target comments about educational reform made by educators, business leaders, secretaries of education, presidents, and congress.” So says author James M. Kauffman, former chair of the special education department at the University of Virginia. Kauffman presents a no-holds-barred look at public education, special and general that will shake up your notions of education in America and give you new insights on badly needed improvements.

Silver (2nd place), Education/Academic/Teaching category -- Independent Publishers Book Awards
Finalist -- 2012 Eric Hoffer Book Awards

James M. Kauffman PhD is Professor Emeritus of Education at the University of Virginia, where he has been chair of the Department of Special Education and Associate Dean for Research. He is a former teacher in both general elementary and special education for students with emotional and behavioral disorders.