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AAC in the Schools

Collection of the implementation tools for speech-language pathologists that appear in the book.

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Making Choices

Includes discussion guide questions, important terms and definitions, and activities for practicing how to make good life choices.

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IEP Workshop: Building Teacher-Parent Partnerships

Sample letters provide correspondence examples and evaluation requests. IEP forms include tools for evaluation, assessment, observation, and reporting.

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Life Skill Stories, Volume 1

Life Skill Stories, Volume 2

Includes discussion guide questions for all of the stories in volume 1 and 2.

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Learning to Work: Food Service

Learning to Work: Garden

Learning to Work: Hospital

Includes discussion questions and teaching tips for all three Learning to Work eBooks.

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New Kid

Includes story summaries and discussion questions for addressing the social issues presented in New Kid.

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Picture Directions 1: Cooking

Picture Directions 2: Arts and Crafts

Picture Directions 3: Life Skills, Play Skills & Discovery

Includes instructor's guide with teaching tips for all three Picture Directions eBooks.

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Practical Strategies for Middle School Inclusion

Forms to facilitate and document goals and student progress.

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Practical Strategies for Including High School Students with Behavioral Disabilities

Forms, information, and references to make inclusion work in your high school.

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Practical Strategies for Elementary School Inclusion

Forms, templates, information, and references to help make your inclusion classroom succeed.

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Read for Content : Social Studies, Civics

Read for Content : Social Studies, U.S. History

Read for Content : Social Studies, World History

Provides story review questions and key term definitions for all three eBooks.

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RTI Workshop

Forms and worksheets for implementing a successful RTI program.

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Observable Checklists for printing and research for the book.

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Teaching Communication Skills to Children with Autism

Forms and worksheets for the IEP assessment process.

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Why Johnny Doesn't Behave: Twenty Tips and Measurable BIPs

Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) flowcharts. Sample summary diagrams for the six children described in chapter 2: Louis, Anlee, Jose, Michael, Tess, and Len.